C Programming Tutorial for Beginners – Learn C Programming from Basics

Learn on C programming language. It is easy to learn and the most basic of the programming language where you can start coding.
Before Coding, you need to understand the basics of it, in other words, the theory of it.

Here, you can start learning the theory of C, you can understand it all in the easiest language possible.

The C programming language is a general-purpose, high-level language (generally denoted as structured language). C programming language was first developed by Dennis M. Ritchie at At&T Bell Labs.

The following includes the topic for C Tutorial.

Basic Overview of C:

Start with the introduction and learn the basics such as what is C, variables, data-types, operators, and how to use them in programming, and how to execute them.

Decision Making statement.

The decision-making statement is important for programming without this statement we cannot make decisions in programming. Here know about them learn how to execute them in a C program.


The loops are also the backbone of programming, without the loops, we cannot create a condition and manage the program. Below are the Loops in C with examples and diagrams.

Loop Control Statement in C

They help the user to control the loop in C in programs. They are basically the Jump statement where you can jump to any statement by using them.

The following gives you the definition and example and explanation with a diagram.


Function’s definition, syntax, and example, along with the types of function in C. Call by Value and Call by Reference in C programming.


Learn three topics related to Array in this section with the syntax of each along with examples. Also, you will learn to pass array to function and pointer to array.


Get a detailed idea on pointers, how to use them in a function, use it with an array, and a pointer to pointer use in C. Everything with examples.


Learn how to create a string in C with various functions along with examples.

Structure & Union

More miscellaneous topics and are covered on a single page. Click the topic below to learn them with examples and syntax.

Let us start preparing for FAQ for C programming and learn more questions and solutions. These questions are prepared carefully keeping in mind a student and person who is preparing for an interview.
Just click the link below. Also start coding by going through the C Programs links below.

More topics will be added soon in the upcoming days. You can navigate through our website to learn the C programs and more programs will also be added in the future with more elegant topics.