C – String Functions1 min read

Often, we need t to manipulate the String according to the need of the program. However, we can do that manually in a program but that is complex to comprehend and the program becomes very large.

So to make it easy, C provides us with some library functions. And these functions are defined under string.h header file in C.

There are various in-built String functions in C through which we can manipulate the String in a program. These functions are provided by the Standard C library.

Learn more on following topics before String function.

The following are the important string functions that mostly used in String manipulation in C:

FunctionWork of Function
strlen()returns length of the string
strcpy()copies the contents of string to another
strcat()concatenates(joins) two strings
strcmp()compares two strings
strlwr()returns string in lowercase
strupr()returns string in uppercase
strrev()returns reverse a string.

There are more functions such as:


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