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C – Structure and Function

Just like any other variables that are passed in a function, structure can also be pas structs to functions. But before that you must go ...
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C Nested Structure

Nested Structure in C is nothing but the structure within a structure. We can declare a structure inside a structure and have its own member ...
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C – Structures and Pointers

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use pointers in structure and how to access the members of structure using pointer. But before, if ...
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Structure in C with Example

In C programming, the structure is user-defined data types that allow us to store the combination of different data types together. All the different data ...
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C String – strchr() function

strchr() function in C is used to search the stated character in a string. It searches the string for the character and stops when the ...
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C String – strupr() function

strupr() function in C String converts all the characters present in a given string to Uppercase. The strupr() function is defined in the header file ...
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