Java Tutorial for beginners – Learn java Programming from Basic

Learn Tutorial on Java Programming Language. This tutorial provides you with an easy way of understanding java as possible. You can get the theory part for learning and understanding then begin your Coding.
It is necessary to understand the basic part before you start coding.

Java is a popular general-purpose, high-level, modern programming language and computing platform.
It was created by James Gosling from Sun Microsystems (Sun) in 1991 and was first publicly released in 1995 with the version of Java (Java 1.0). According to Oracle, Java runs on 3 billion devices worldwide.

Java Tutorial

Basic Overview:

Start with the introduction and learn the basics such as what is java, its features, variables, data-types, operator, and how to use them in programming, and how to execute them.

Object-Oriented Programming 1:

Here, you will learn the OOP concepts. And how to create class and Objects, methods, some important keywords, and more.

Object-Oriented Programming 2

Java Decision-Making statement.

Java Loops

Java Jump statement

Java Array

Java Strings

Java Multithreading

This covers the event handling part in Java. You will learn about events, exceptions, and types of exceptions such as try-catch, throw, throws, and more with an example and syntax. Also, you will many kinds of methods required and about delegation Model.

Java Event Handling and Error.

Other Topics

Now you can start implementing the above theory in programs:

Click the link below and start coding:
Java Programs

Also, learn the frequently asked interview questions:

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Java Interview Programs