Flowchart – Advantages and Disadvantages1 min read

In this section, we will study the advantages of flowchart and also the disadvantages of flowchart. Let us start by understanding what is flowchart.

A flowchart is a graphical representation of a programming language code so to relate the relations among functions. To simply the problem before coding, the programmer draws a building block with some specific geometric figures and relates the relationship.

Fowchart Advantages

  • The flowchart helps the programmer to understand the logic of the program in a suitable way.
  • With the help of flowchart, problem can be analyzed in a very effective way.
  • Complex programs can be easily visualized with the help of the flowchart
  • Flowchart is a convenient and very efficient method of communication.
  • The flowchart is useful in troubleshooting and in debugging process.
  • It is a key for correct programming and initial building.

Flowchart Disadvantages

  • Although the flowchart may give you better advantage, however it sometimes results in waste of time and slows the develpoment process.
  • Sometimes for a large program, the flowchart representation becomes too messy, clumsy and hard to understand for the programmer. It results in a waste of time and effort programmers put into.
  • If the programmer modify in a logic, this might lead to complete redraw of the flowchart. Hence, cost you a whole lot of time.

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