Java program to count the number of words present in a string using HashMap2 min read

Counting words in java using HashMap:

This program demonstrates the use of HashMap in java to count the number of words.
First, we take the string from user input using Scanner class and store it in a string “str“. After then, using java split() function for spaces(” “) we separate the words from spaces to count the words.

Then we declare the HashMap(which is a part of java’s collection that stores data in (Key, value) pairs). The Key in this program is String and the Value in an Integer. Then we iterate using for loop and inside for loop, we have if-else statement and if HashMap (Hmap) contains a key we add the object to the Hmap. And the count is set to the current position and with the increment by 1. Under Else, the counter is set to 1.

The for loop will continue until the length of the split() – 1.
Then we display the count of a number of words stored in an Hmap.

Program to count the number of words present in a string using HashMap:

The Output of counting the words using HashMap in java:

count words using hashmap in java