Basic Applications Of Computer4 min read

This article focuses on the basic applications of computers, listing their uses in different fields. We will go through the details of how they are useful in their respective fields.

A computer is an electronic device through which we can perform various tasks. The following are some of the applications of computers:

  • Business application
  • Scientific Research
  • Education Purposes
  • Marketing
  • Banking
  • Communication
  • Entertainment purposes
  • Insurance
  • Engineering Design
  • Games
  • Health Care
  • Military Purposes

Business Application:

Nowadays, the application of computers in the business field is highly increasing because of their high speed of calculation of large amounts of data, accuracy, reliability, and versatility.

All business organizations run their business through via the internet with the help of computers without any delay. business organizations use a computer for their Sales analysis, Budgeting, Managing huge databases and stocks, financial management, etc.

Scientific Research:

The computers that are used in scientific research has a great ability to analyze the huge amount of data at a speed which is not possible for the human to anticipate. These computers are so precise that they could determine the exact behavior of certain chemical compounds in a different environment.

They are used in robotics research to control the robots for better use of it.

Education Purposes:

The of the benefit of having a computer is that you can educate yourself through various videos, articles, pdf, images, etc. Computers have dominant applications in the education field where you can enhance yourself in your particular fields through online learning or offline learning. It has a tool for the education system called Computer-Based Education(CBE).

Nowadays, the scale of computer students are increasing rapidly, all school provide computer education class all over the world and has its massive use.


Uses of computers in marketing fields are mostly for the following:

Advertising: With the use of computers, advertising professionals are able to enhance their skills in arts and graphics writing skills, print and disseminate product ads with the aim to sell more products.

Home Shopping: With the help of computers home shopping/ delivery services have become more efficient and easy. People can view the product information that is provided through graphical catalogs manage via computers, access to the order of the products.


Today almost all banking around the world totally depends on computers. Banks have the vast and continuous use of computers. For example, ATM Machine allows us not only to withdraw cash but to deposit cash get information on accounts services, check balance, transfer of money, etc.

Banking provides the facilities to manage accounts online, banks use computers to interconnect with their respective branches and other branches, and many more.


The application of computers on communication is a huge benefit for both individuals and also to any organization. Through communication, we can send our ideas, convey our thoughts, speech, etc. For example, through email, we are able to contact our friends in any part of the world rather than with pen and paper. We can contact through message or voice or through video.

Some applications that are used in this category: E-mail, Usenet, Chatting, FTP, Video-conferencing, and Telnet.

Entertainment purposes:

All most all people use computers for entertainment purposes in the following field:

  • watching movies
  • listening to songs
  • photos
  • watching animations etc.

Professional video editors use the computer to edit their videos to make them more attractive in the field of entertainment.


To keep the records in their database up-to-date, all the Insurance companies use computers. Also, the finance houses and stockbroking firms widely use the computer for their purposes. The insurance companies show the information of the clients to maintain their accounts such as the starting date of the policies, next due installment of a policy, maturity date, interests due, etc.

Engineering Design:

Engineers use a computer for their design the layout of their machine, architecture in their respective fields. CAD(Computer-Aided Design) provides the creation and modification of images at a very high speed. Some of the engineering fields that widely use computers are:
Structural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Architectural Engineering.

For Games purposes:

Nowadays the gaming field is increasing rapidly that uses computers.
From online games to offline games, kids, as well as adults, are seen as active. Big Gaming Companies organize gaming competitions that are possible only with computers. Some varieties of games include action games, racing games, puzzles, combat, and many more.

Some examples of games that are highly played on computers are:
Counter-Strike, PubG, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, etc.

Health Care/ Hospitals:

Computers have become an important part of hospitals, medical labs, and dispensaries. Hospitals use computers to keep the records of the patients and are stored in their database for future use, also to keep track of the medicines. Computerized machines are used in hospitals for CT scans, diagnosing, ECG, X-ray, ultrasound, etc.

Some important healthcare field where computers are necessary are:
Surgery, Diagnostic System, Patient Monitoring System, Pharmaceutical field.

For Military purposes:

The defense system of all countries uses computers to enhance their equipment for their defense systems. The designing of the weapon system, missiles, base to base communication system, keeping track/records of criminals, satellite communication are possible only through computers.


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