Java Program for Implementing Queue using Arrays2 min read

This post in queue program in java using array covers insertion, deletion, and display process in queue.

A queue is a special type of collection created to store the elements in FIFO(first-in-first-out) order.
It is used to hold the elements before processing it.

Implementing Queue using Array is simple where we create an array of size n. We also take two variables for the front and rear end. Both will be initialized to 0. The rear is the end of the index element and the front is the index of first element. As it follows FIFO The first element inserted will be deleted first.

Queue in Java

Java program on queue using array

Output Queue using Arrays:

Queue output

You can change according to your needs. You can also create a different method for insert, delete, and display and call them in the switch according to the case.
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