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An Interface is the same as a class, it is a blueprint of a class. Just like any other class, an interface can have methods, properties, events, and indexers as its members. But unlike a class, the method in it is an abstract method (only method signature, contain no body).

  • Interface is used to achieve abstraction and multiple inheritance which cannot be achieved through the class.
  • An interface specifies what a class must do but not how to hence the abstraction.
  • By deafult, the members of interface are public and abstract. It cannot have private members.

Declaring an interface

The keyword interface is used to declare an interface and is done just like a class as shown below.


Implementation of an interface is done in the following way on a class.

Example 1: C# program to illustrate interface


The dog barks: woof woof

Multiple Interface

We can create multiple interfaces in a program having different tasks and use them in the same class. And to implement multiple interfaces in the same class we separate them with commas in between as shown in the program below.

Example 2: C# program to illustrate multiple interface


The Dog barks.
The Cat Meows.


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