C++ Multidimensional Arrays3 min read

C++ allows Multi-Dimensional Arrays. This could be of 2D or 3D (two-dimensional or three-dimensional) Array. These arrays are stored in the form of a table (with rows and columns) which is also known as a matrix.

In C++, multidimensional array is also known as rectangular arrays.

Syntax of multi-dimensional array:

The data-type must be a valid C++ data type, a unique name must be specified to each array and the size must be of an integer constant.

Initialization of Multi Dimensional Array in C++

We can initialize a Multi-Dimensional Array (two-dimensional or three-dimensional) in the following ways in C++.

1. Initialization of two-dimensional array:

The following is the 2 by 3 matrix array that is array with 2 rows and 3 columns.

There are two ways shown above to initialize an 2D array. However the method 1 is not preferred.

2. Initialization of three-dimensional array:

Accessing two Dimensional array in C++

Accessing 2d Array:

An array can be accessed by using a specific index number. It can be achieved by placing the particular index number within the two brackets [][]. Such as:

Accessing 3d Array:

Accessing 3-dimensional array is also as same as a two-dimensional array, the only difference is that in 3d array we have to specify 3 subscripts with a required index number.

Example of C++ Multi Dimensional Array:

Example: Two Dimensional Array in C++

C++ Program to display all elements in an 2D array


Example: Three Dimensional Array in C++

C++ Program to display all elements in an 3D array


As we saw the examples of 2D and 3D arrays, in a similar we can create any number dimension as required. However, the most used multidimensional array is a two-dimensional array.


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