Bit Stuffing Program in C2 min read

This post contains the implementation of Bit Stuffing in C programming. Learn about bit-stuffing and with source code for Bit Stuffing in c.

What is Bit Stuffing?

Bit Stuffing is the technique of insertion of one or more extra bits (0) into data. These are the noninformation bits as a way to provide signaling information to a receiver.
On the receiver end, the stuffed 0 bit is removed and the original value is retrieved.

This bit (0) is added after every 5 consecutive 1’s bit frame sequence as shown in a program below.

C Program for Bit Stuffing

In the following source code of c programming in bit stuffing, while is used.
First user need to input number of frame size than the bit string and the 0 is stuffed after every 5 consecutive 1’s execution.

The output of Bit Stuffing Program in C:

bit stuffing in c program

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