How to reverse sentences in String Java?2 min read

Reverse a sentence word by word in java:

Reversing a string in java in easy. Here we reverse the sentence of words from back to front rather than reversing each word.
Example: Let us consider a string “I am a code” and the output will be “code a am I“.

First, we take a String from user input with the help of a Scanner class. Then we again with help of split() function we split the input string into separate words that is String[] wordsRev = str.split("\s");.
Take an empty string to store the reverse sentence. Then the iteration of for loop starts for i equal to the length of the words present in a string. Then the split words are store in result String from backwards inside the for loop.

For loop will continue until i is less than or equal to zero. Integer i will decrease by 1 at every iteration. Since we take the length from backwards we decrease the value of i.
At last, print the result String(resultString).

Java Program to reverse a sentence word by word.

The output of reversing the words in a sentence n java:

Java Program to reverse a string.