Java Program to check the Palindrome Number2 min read

In this post on Java Program to check the Palindrome Number, we will learn what is palindrome number? and its programming implementation with an explanation.

What is a palindrome number?

A number is said to be a Palindrome number if it remains the same when its digits are reversed or are the same as forward. It is also applied to the word, phrase or other sequences of symbols.
For example: 14141, 777, 272 are palindrome numbers as they remain the same even if reversed. If we take an example of ‘mam’ or ‘madam’, these are also palindrome words.

To check the palindrome number we use the logic to create a program. With the help of a while loop and arithmetic operators such as the remainder operator(%) and the division operator(/), we create a java program to check for palindrome number.

First, take the user input and run the while loop until the entered number(n) is not zero. Inside while loop, we take the remainder that returns the remainder in a division of n/10 that is remainder = n % 10;. Then inside rev variable put the following rev = rev * 10 + remainder;. At last, n is divided by 10 and returns the quotient.
After the end of the while loop, we check if the original number is equal to the reversed number. If true print accordingly as shown in the program.

Java Program to check the number is palindrome or not.


Now you can check for any other number or you change according to your needs.
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