Java this Keyword2 min read

In Java, this is a reference variable, this can be used inside any methods or constructor to refer to the current object.

Following demonstrating the use of this

Use of his Keyword in constructor:


Notethat, Java does not allow to declare two local variables with the same name inside the same or enclosing scopes, so the use of the same parameter name and data-members(instance variable) is possible because of this operator.
this keyword used within the constructor refers to the instance variable of that constructor or class.

In the above example, = name, refers to the instance variable whereas the name on the right side refers to the parameter value. and equal(=) sign assign parameter value to an instance variable. Also called Instance Variable Hiding.

If we do not use this keyword violating Java declaration process, we get the following result:


this Keyword: to pass as an argument in the method:


this: Invoke current class method:

The method of the current class can be invoked by using this keyword. If this keyword is not used then the compiler automatically adds this keyword while invoking the method.