Things that can Crush a Team’s Motivation4 min read

A manager is someone who looks after them, keep them running without letting their spirit to break. managing someone is not an easy job when it comes to a large business. You have to keep track of your employees that everyone is doing their respective job as assigned to them.

Below are some reasons which can crush or destroy your Team Motivation and hence lead to a work failure and therefore the failure of the company. So avoid them and help yourself to keep the Office business running smoothly.

Few reasons that can Destroy your Team Spirit/Motivation

1. Comparison between Employees

Comparing employees by the superior or manager is not suitable for the workplace. If you choose favorites and only give attention to the particular then others feel like you are differing them and that just not good for the team spirit.

Someone might feel bad or excluded from the rest. Instead of that you can just appreciate the work of whole team and how each of the member has contributed their hard work to complete the task. It doesn’t have to be a big completion celebration, just celebrating even after the small task could cheer up the workers and motivate them.

2. Creating an inner circle in the Office

Creating an inner circle means that you are choosing some favorites among the rest of the employees and which makes them feel unwanted in the office.

This choosing favorites might result in an ugly situation or making the rest employees angry.

What you can do is, instead of creating an inner circle even if you like some particular employee, you should always appreciate all the team members for the hard work each and everyone have put into. This the best form of team in an Office.

3. Too much of Work load

Stress is something that is common to every employee in a business office. They have pressure to complete the task within the due date. If you assigned the workers tons of work then they might get tired and which leads to a bad result for the company.

The best thing to do is assigned the task according to their capability of doing work. You do not want to give them lots of paperwork. They might get frustrated or even worse they may not stand the workload and leave the company. Assign the work only which they are hired for, if there is something else which the particular employee is not hired to do then hire someone else with that capability.

4. Put the Blame

As said before managing a team is not an easy job but that does not mean you can keep blaming your employees for their mistakes sometimes. It may make the workers a bit angry at you and at your managing system.

As your employees work together as a team, putting blame on one employee may anger the others and they feel demotivated.

Your dissatisfaction is also important but that does not mean you have to put it on something or someone. Instead, teach your employees how they can improve and make them own on what error they have made. Also, Nobody is Perfect, mistake is things that will guide you to your perfectness.

5. Instant Change of plans

Nobody likes the instant change of plans on any field of the area as we speak just because you do not want it that way. You should change plans when necessary or have a valid reason for the action.

The employees put their hard work and dedication to make something and if you keep changing your plans then that may cause frustration to the employees.

Don’t just rush and make them change what they have been doing. First, have a proper meeting where you can explain to your employees why they should change and how they should proceed with the project. In this way, you will not cause them to lose their spirit and that will keep up morale and hence lead to a better result.

Finally, All said above just keep in mind once you broke the spirit of your employees, it is hard to fix it and that may cause serious damage to the company. Always try to avoid the points mentioned above.


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