Some Fun Game Ideas in Work-Place to Keep Up the Morale4 min read

There is nothing that could be as basic or successful for your team-building endeavors as playing a few fun recreations in the office.

A company has to be strong from its foundation and that can be created only with an Efficient Team. And a group of people to Work at its best needs to bond with each other.

A new recruit may find it difficult to communicate and interact with each other. And also, it is always hard to bond with any people but if you are working as a group then it is necessary that you know your weaknesses and all.

So to make it easier and a quick bond between the co-workers, we have come up with some of the fun games that you can play which may burst them into laughers and have fun. This game might also useful to test the thinking and abilities of the workers.

So let us dig in!

Some of the Fun Games in the Office

1. Don’t Laugh

Any number can participate, no tools are required and you can set up the time for like 10-15 minutes.

To play this game all the participant needs to stand close or in a circle together. And they need to stare at each other for as long as possible without laughing. The last person to stand without laughing wins the game.

This game for Team-building is pretty simple and doesn’t take up much time. It will help to take off the work pressure and relax. This also helps to bond with newcomers and start their work easily.

As we know, laughter is the best medicine.

2. Heads Up (guessing Game)

It is also a simple game and required a phone or pen-paper to write. A small group can play it.

The fun part is guessing, the participant needs to put the phone on its forehead and the rest of the player needs to give him/her the clue written on the smartphone. Based on their clue player need to guess the name written on it. The name can be of any category such as animals, place, person, etc. If guess it right within the time given then the player wins.

3. Bingo

Any number of players can participate and a random generation app is required, each member must have a bingo card.

As we all have played this game. It is the combination of letter or number that you align it vertically or horizontally or diagonally to form a word bingo. A player needs to be chosen as a caller who will call outnumber and the caller task will be passed in a circle.

The first one to finish the word BINGO on its bingo board will be the winner. It is a fun game over which you can bond in the work-environment.

4. Scavenger Hunt game

A small group with team members are required and some items is required such as pen, paper, etc. to hide it and also to create a clue, depend on the person who is hiding them.

One person creates the whole hunt process such as maps, clues with other clues and any number of the team can participate. The group needs to find the hidden list of item, finding one item leads to another clue which therefore leads to various prizes and the team which collects the maximum number of item wins. You can even set the timer if required.

This game is a great fun way to bond as they communicate with each other and work together.

5. Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery is a fun game and everyone loves it. It shows your solving skills. It requires 3-5 team members to play and also tools required are pen paper and post notes.

The team needs to follow the trails left in the murder scenarios, passing out notes, maps and there will be a suspect but not sure if the suspect is the murderer. Few teams are can participate and the first one to crack the mystery wins the game.

It is an interactive game just like a scavenger hunt, it brings co-workers together and works together to solve the mystery.


Choose your favorite game and play it in your office. Form a team, work together, bring out your solving puzzle skills, these all are fun and bonding along with shinning your skills. The appreciation for the winner from other co-workers is also important.


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