Path after BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)4 min read

This article is specially written for BCA(Bachelor in Computer Application) and IT(Information Technology) students, keeping the mind of their computer background.

This is common that pops in all of the students from their respective field that WHAT NEXT?”. And it is OK to have that question, every graduate has this question. So here we will talk about the opportunities that a computer background student may have after their graduation.

Why computer background?

In the period of computerized innovation, today we are encountering a recognizable quick development of the IT business in India and consequently, it accompanies a great deal of expanding development of chances for the drop of Computer field graduates.

There is a wide cluster of chance for BCA graduates that can make them exceptionally effective after culmination of the course.

Options after BCA

Let us understand each of the option and analyze them.

Higher Studies

Well, we all know o matter the filed, study doesn’t stop at graduation right?. So why should you?

The first one is you can proceed for higher studies, Gain more opportunities for your future career. The following are the Courses you may continue after BCA.

a. MCA

One of the best options after BCA is MCA(Masters in Computer Application). If you have set up your mind for further study then go for MCA. It is a postgraduate-level degree in Computer Application. The course assists you with abiding further in the field and furnish themselves with the arrangement of apparatuses and information basic to prevail in the field.

b. MBA

If you don’t want to continue MCA then the student may consider applying for MBA(Master of Business Administration). This is also the best option for you to proceed after BCA. It is a management degree with skills to conduct, research, and handle business efficiently. But first, you need to attend exams such as CAT, XAT, MAT, etc.

Private/Government Sector

BCA students are capable of attending all the graduate-level competitive exams and interview even if it is in the private sector or government sector. The post preferred are pretty good for beginners even they can apply for officer posts in many sectors.

Lets examine them individually:

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a. Government Sector:

A BCA degree opens up different doors in different Government segments like a bank, defense, tax department, RRB, UPSC, SSC CGL, and many more. There are also a bunch of vacancies for IT professionals that include BCA graduates. All you have to do is prepare for the exams and interviews and crack it with hard work.

b. Private Sectors

Private companies are always looking for IT students with skills and talents in different computer fields. Some of the top companies that hire are Oracle, IBM, Infosys, and Wipro. You have to be skilled in the field they demand like- web-developer, App developer, software-developer, an expert in Java, and so on.

  • Web-developer:
    There are companies who always seek for the web developer and is popularly growing demand nowadays. You need to be an expert in HTML, Css, Javascript, PHP, and more. Web developer work is to create and maintain the website for the company.
  • Software developer:
    Another one is software developer, you may have to test various software and maintain them or create an app for the company as they demand. Software makes the work easy for the workers and developer has to maintain that ease.


And if don’t want to pursue any of the above option then there is always freelancing job. You can work from home and earn handsome amount of money.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to attend office or the office environment then this is best for you. Proceed without any hesitation. You can work on your own hour, eat at your time, save the money that you may have spend on vehicle and lunch if you were to work on office.

Lastly, these were some of the options we researched and displayed to you and now it is up to you. You can pursue any of the above which you may feel right for you.


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Path after BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)

This article is specially written for BCA(Bachelor in Computer Application) and IT(Information Technology) students, keeping the mind of their computer background. This is common that …
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