Fundamentals of becoming a Blogger: Understanding Blogging6 min read

Do you want to be your own boss and earn a good amount of money for yourself? Obviously right? Well if you are a skilled writer then Blogging is best for you.

You can make blogging your career. That is a great idea RIGHT!?.
Although, it is not easy as it sounds. You need to be skilled and have an innovative mind.

Ok! now I think you just feel like not pursuing it right because it is not easy. Well, it’s all about your hard work and dedication.


Every beginner makes a ton of mistakes but you need to push yourself harder and harder to reach your goal. You will learn from your mistakes. That is why we wrote this article to help you at the first stage before you even make a mistake.

So let us begin in easy and simple and in understandable writing. Sound PERFECT!?..COOL

What is blog?, if you ask

A blog is a kind of updated website or web-page on a written format that is run by an individual or group. Web-page also called posts for the blog that you write something about. It also a direct connection between your thoughts and your reader.

And that “something” is nothing but the topic on which you want to write about and the reader would love to read. It could be your food blog, celebrity blog, your personal blog, or more. Your blog may contain the comment section, share section, and many more features.

The topic could be something imaginable that your mind could imagine. Those topics are also called “niche“, a niche is the topic that you want to dedicate your website to.

Why blogging?

You want to start blogging because maybe you think, you maybe good at this and earn some money. It is true!

But what is makes you, a better writer. Individuals read blog destinations to get an individual point of view on things, so most bloggers write in an exceptionally casual and conversational style.

You don not need to be professional writer, you just need to express you experience, your field trips related to that. The only thing you need is your passion for your topic or we can say your niche.

Some of the reason why you start blogging?

Earn Money: Blogging can be very worthwhile whenever done effectively. The best bloggers on the planet clearly win a considerable amount, however even low maintenance blogger can hope to make a decent benefit if things are done effectively. There are advertising company through which you can make money from your blog and many more.

Joining community: Though blogging you can be recognized in the blogging world, you can connect to the community through the comments. Share the thoughts of reader and talk to them, spread information and news and more.

Share your experience: You can obviously share you story through blogging. Let them know about yourself, what have gain or loss in the particular field. You will be able to be a part the readers by sharing your thoughts.

Lets us go through some Blogging guide steps:

1. Choosing your blog name

It means you need to choose the name for your blog such as choose your website name related to your topic or niche. It is the important step because it gives the first impression for your blog.

So your blog name should be such that it should relate to your topic. You can look up the internet and buy your domain from any suitable domain provider company.

For example, This website is called:, so we write about programming Tutorial, skills management, and career-tips, and all. So similarly, you need to select for yours.

2. Choose a host and get your site online.

Now the your blog name is selected and ready to be set up. You need a hosting server for your blog to host over the internet.

There are many hosting companies that will host your website with different price plans. You can look up to godaddy, hostinger, bluehost, hostgator and many more.

Always choose the hosting server which is affordable and which put up to your requirements. There is a company which gives you free hosting – You only need your domain.

3. Set up your domain and server.

Next step is the set up part. It is quite easy for all the hosting company. If you get confuse go through the guide provided by the company. Read all the documents, even if necessary go through youtube videos, you can find tons of tutorial video for setting up you blog.

And if necessary, you can contact the customer service of that hosting company and they will set it up for you.

The better and easy way to to start blogging without having any problem is WORDPRESS site. You don’t have to code anything to create your website. WordPress provide easy way to publish your post with best customization features.

4. Customization or designing your blog through WordPress.

Once set up is done, you can learn how to use wordpress through various tutorials. You can change you blog theme, you font, color, looks and everything.

You can do this easily by clicking of mouse, you don’t have to learn coding for it.

You can activate plugins that you may require. Customize which part you want it to display. There is separate space for the footer, header, whole widget section, with the features to create various menus and display them accordingly and more. Explore WordPress at the beginning.

5. First blog post.

After your site has been set up and you finish customizing the blog.

Start your first post. Go to the post section, click on “add new” and start writing. Then start publishing your post. Then are a few plugins that are necessary for you to begin with such as your cache plugins which are quite important for any site.

Start writing, at-least try to publish 2-3 posts daily. Set up your SEO plugins and assign your site with google search console and google analytics to see the report of your blog Daily and also to see if your website is facing any problems.



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