Few points before choosing the stream after standard 10 (10+2)4 min read

One of the biggest frustration in a student’s life is the moment when he/she has to choose the stream that students want to pursue. It is and always has been the biggest dilemma in every student’s life.

Also, students sometimes regret choosing a particular stream which they are not meant to. This happens because sometimes parents force them to choose or they want to take the same stream as their companions and they get stuck.

Many students take time to know what really they want to do in your life, which career they want to choose. So yeah it is an important topic that every student must research once they decide after class 10.

Because directly or indirectly it effects your career in future and you may not want to regret it.

But no need to worry, our teams have done some research and listed some very important points that every pass out a class X student must consider first reading and go through those points genuinely.

Tips to choose right stream after 10th

Lets us begin by evaluating each point carefully.

1. Self-Awareness

First and foremost is self-awareness that includes analyzing yourself. This includes recognizing your advantage, your skill and abilities of what you can do in different situation.

But importantly, your interest because if have no interest in something that you want to pursue then you won’t be able to succeed that task no matter what. So always seek where you interest lies.

For example: Ask yourself,
Do I really like maths, bio, or physics, or chemistry? If not
Then go see if there are any subjects in commerce that interests you or do the same in arts subjects too.

It is a better way to know your strength and weaknesses.

2. Understand all the stream briefly.

Now, you know strengths and weaknesses. But without knowing detail on the stream one cannot select what he has to study in the future. So it is an important point to consider after analyzing yourself.

There are three stream, out of which you have to choose one.

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Arts

Examine each of the streams, their difficulty level, what subject they offer you, what combination of the subject that each of the streams offers you, career prospects, and all. Be thorough and research through each of them.

3. Educational Counselling

A certified counsel instructor will have the option to get you and discover a stream that suits you the best! On the off chance that you approach great advising offices, utilize them. It will likewise enable your parents to get a thought regarding the entire system.

The students and their parents must engage in this counselling together and understand the advantages and disadvantages.

If necessary, take a personal counselling which will take your short test or interview to discover your strength and interest and guides to the path which is best for your future.

4. Discussion with your folks

Your parents are the only ones who have known you since your birth, no one knows you better than your parents. They may not know about the streams or the effect it takes on your career but discussing with your parents gives you the guide to choose the right path.

Talk with them, they may tell you what you liked to do most of the time during your childhood that might help you to understand your interest.

Not only that but they have met various people with different professions and could tell you what it is like in that particular field. Discuss the matter with your teacher. Their counseling is also as important as any other.

5. Find the Scope and possibilities related to stream, going on a field trip.

Lastly, experiencing the situation by visiting the work place for the particular stream. It will show you the environment of the work, gives you the idea if you could do it or not.

On the off chance that if you are a scholastically splendid understudy and building a compensating career is your prime rationale, you should give satisfactory significance to this point.

Examine each stream and look at vocation possibilities related to it. Presently, a few streams offer admittance to assorted openings for work.

We hope this was very helpful to you and may have given you some ideas for the first step of your career. So always follow the above steps if you want to succeed and follow your heart, no matter what.


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