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Define Happy Number?

A number is said to be a happy number if it yields 1 after a few steps and each step is the sum of the squares of the digits of its results. The sum of the squares starts with the given number and till it reaches one.

Follow the diagram below:

happy number
Happy Number

Explanation: In the above diagram input is 19. Then the digits 1 and 9 are squared which gives the result 82. After that, the digits 8 and 2 are squared and yield the results 68 and this continues till the final result is 1. And then we can say that 19 is a happy number if not it is not a happy number

Java program to check whether the number is Happy Number or not:


Java program to print Happy Number between 1 to 100:


Then again, You can print the first 10 Happy Number by changing the loop value to 10 and calling the checkForHN () function.
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